I wanted to film a slightly different video, so I picked a fashion TAG! They’re always fun videos to watch and sometimes even helpful.

I wanted to add a couple infos here. I started buying clothes from more ethical companies less than a year ago, after watching the documentary “The True Cost” on Netflix. Basically, what I mean is that I try to avoid companies that make their clothes in sweatshops and treat people poorly. If they use sustainable materials, that’s a plus, but it’s not a priority for me so far, since I also need them to be vegan. Things are not always easy, and it’s not about being perfect –I know I’m not!– but I’m trying my best to find things I can afford that fit those criteria.

Stores mentioned :
Beacon’s Closet


Asos Green Room

Lulu’s Made in America

Alternative Apparel

If you have any recommendation for stores or brands that could interest me, please leave a comment down below!