I’ve been kind of neglecting my nails lately. By that, I mean that I haven’t really been wearing nail polish and not caring about my hands all that much. Part of it is because my anxiety has made me bite the skin around my nails again (gross, I know) and another reason is that I didn’t have a nail polish remover. It’s kind of silly, I know, but I hate chipped nail polish so if I don’t have anything to  take it off soon enough, I’d rather not wear any at all.

I found this Mineral Fusion nail polish remover at Whole Foods, checked on the brand’s website, and was pleased to learn it is vegan. Since it was affordable, I got it. I didn’t even notice then that it is acetone-free!

I’ve used it a couple times now, and I’m very happy with it. The first thing I noticed is the smell is quite nice, the fragrance isn’t strong at all. It’s very easy to remove nail polish, even bright colors, I can do one hand with just one cotton round. They say that it’s not drying, and I do agree with that. You know how sometimes your nails look a bit white after taking your nail polish off? That doesn’t happen with this remover.

I really like this nail polish remover, it’s affordable, works great and you don’t need a lot. If you need one, I recommend this one. It’s quite easy to find, which is a plus.

Mineral Fusion, Nail Polish Remover, $8,99.