Subscription boxes are super popular, they exist for all sorts of products. Today, I want to talk about 2 vegan beauty boxes.

When I became vegan almost two years ago, I chose to subscribe to the two main boxes : Vegan Cuts and Petit Vour. After a while I decided to cancel one for budget reasons, and I recently switched the one I’m subscribed to. Why did I do that? Which one is best?

I first kept my subscription to Vegan Cuts because it potentially offers more products, but is also a bit more expensive. At the time it was $19.95, but they then raised the prices to $22.95 VS $15, since the beginning, for Petit Vour

Price Winner : Petit VourĀ 

But do you get more for your money with Vegan Cuts? Well, potentially. You get 4 to 7 products each months, versus 4 every months with Petit Vour. So it could make Vegan Cuts a better bang for your buck (if you get at least 5)

Bang for your buck winner : Vegan Cuts

But what about product quality? While I can’t exactly talk a lot about recent Petit Vour boxes, I’ve been a bit “disappointed” with the latest Vegan Cuts boxes. I received products that I don’t fit my needs (product for color treated hair) or my standards (a lip balm from a brand not Logical Harmony approved). It was hard for me to cancel this box, since they always showed support on my videos, but I wanted some change too. Also Petit Vour seems to be on a slightly more luxury side which is very appealing to me. In both cases, you mostly get samples, but it’s the case with many subscription boxes.

Products quality : no winner

Both boxes also have a market place. They offer mostly products you received in your boxes, that way you can easily find them if you loved them. Vegan Cuts’ website is very simple, but not graphically pleasing (to me). And it’s not the most intuitive website, like there’s no search button! Petit Vour’s on the other hand is gorgeous. It’s easy to navigate, nice to look at, and they offer a lot of extras like handbags, jewelry etc…Also Petit Vour offers a great rewards program, you get points for every dollar you spend on their site and by reviewing the products you received in the box. You can then redeem those points for $15 or $25 off your next purchase!

Website winner : Petit VourĀ 

Ultimately, if you want to subscribe to one of these, take into account your budget, what you would like to receive. You can check my past Vegan Cuts reviews to get an idea of what was in the latest boxes. I will also unbox & review future Petit Vour boxes and products so keep an eye on my channel and here.