In case you didn’t know I also have a Youtube channel. And my latest video is a review of Uma Oils, Ultimate Brightening Kit, but I wanted to write a bit more about these products here.

This Kit contains 4 products :
Ultimate Brightening Face Oil, 15ml
Ultimate Brightening Face Mask, .68 oz
Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil, 15ml
Absolute Eye Oil, 3ml

This is a kit that will both get rid of dullness, which, I think, is great as we’re going into Spring and Summer, but also help hydrate your skin while helping hiding signs of fatigue and aging. As I mentioned in my video, my two favorite products were the Ultimate Brightening face oil and the Absolute Anti Aging body oil.

Why I loved the Ultimate Brightening face oil?
It was great, at night, after removing my makeup and cleansing my face. I loved that it helps moisturize a lot but without feeling greasy or leaving a mark on my pillow case. When I wake up, my skin is beautiful and hydrated. It is definitely a luxury product, because of its price (15ml for $85 or 30ml for $150) but mostly and most importantly because of how it feels. I’ve tried a lot of products I loved, but I don’t think any of them left me feeling that good. It is definitely something I will keep on a list of products to repurchase in the future when my budget allows it and when I want to treat myself.

Why I loved the Absolute Anti Aging body oil?
It feels great on the skin too, it’s easy to apply. I like that I don’t have to wait before putting my clothes on, they don’t stick to my skin or get stained by the oil. And can we insist on the fact it’s an ANTI AGING BODY oil? For a reason that I don’t understand, anti aging products for the body are not as common as the ones for the face. Are we supposed to have aging body with young faces? Anyway, I really enjoy that product that I would also treat myself to in the future.

I’m so happy that I won this giveaway and that I got to discover an awesome cruelty-free & 100% vegan brand. Too bad it’s that expensive but I guess that’s what you have to pay for great quality products.