When I love a brand, I tend to want to try everything they offer (that fits my needs). That’s even better –or more dangerous for my wallet– when that brand is 100% vegan, like DermaE. They are one of my favorite skincare brand, and this cream is the latest addition to the list of their products I tried.

I was attracted to it for several reasons :
-It’s part of their Anti-Wrinkle range. I know I don’t have wrinkles yet, but I like using anti-aging products to try and avoid damage. Plus anti aging products tend to be more moisturizing which is great for people with dry skin, like me.

-My cleanser is also from that range, I love it, and thought it would be a great combo. And I think it is.

-The tub is huge, and very affordable. They say this cream can be used morning and evening, and I did, but at night, I like something a bit richer. So although I used it then, I ordered something else for my nighttime routine.

I love it in the morning, it’s lightweight, and feels amazing on the skin. Since it’s thin, it sinks in very fast. I don’t have to wait very long before applying my makeup. It also works very well under makeup.

Although it’s not my favorite product from them that I’ve tried, it’s a product I enjoy using. This tub isn’t going to be empty anytime soon, but I’ll potentially repurchase it when I’m done with it.

PS : My sister also uses it, she is in her 40’s, has combination skin, and loves it too!

DermaE, Anti-Wrinkle Renewal Cream, $14.95.