This body lotion is one of the four products I received in my April Petit Vour box and I already tried it. I was pretty excited because it claims to be “toning & uplifting”, and they add on their website that it helps give the skin a more youthful appearance, leaving it renewed & supple. I was noting not so long ago, that anti-aging body products are not that common, which is very surprising.

I’m very picky with body products, they can’t be sticky, greasy, and I don’t like when they take forever to penetrate the skin. This one isn’t sticky at all, I was able to get dressed right after applying it, which I really love, but it did take a little too long to fully penetrate the skin, even with a small amount. It’s not to the point where it bothers me a lot, but it should be noted.

This body lotion smells like patchouli which is known to be a very strong scent. In my family people either adore it (my sister does) or hate it. Unfortunately, I’m on the side that thinks it’s too strong. In the bottle the scent wasn’t overwhelming though, so that was a good start. As I was applying it, it smelled a lot stronger. It does stay on your skin, so you would probably have to skip perfume. That’s great if you like the scent, not so much if you don’t. I didn’t smell it as much after a while, but if I smelled my arm for example, it was definitely still there.

It was nice to give it a try, but I will pass it on to my sister, as I know she will love it a lot. This is not a product that I think I’ll ever purchase considering I didn’t love the texture of the lotion either.

Nubian Heritage, Patchouli & Buriti Body Lotion, $12.99.