I love setting sprays, they’re a nice way to both set your makeup, usually make it last longer, and gives your face makeup a very nice finish. I didn’t have one for a while and was missing this step in my makeup routine.

On a Sephora trip, I noticed this Illuminating setting spray by CoverFX and was very intrigued. CoverFX is cruelty-free (Logical Harmony approved) and almost all of their products are vegan (everything except MintTint FX & MintGlaze FX) so I love to shop from them. I already know I really love their products, so I picked it up. Illuminating is always very interesting to me, I can never be too dewy since I have dry skin.

I love that it’s a very fine mist, that it falls very slowly and gently on your skin. Because of that, I love to spray a lot on my face, probably about 10 times, and you can’t over do it. It definitely gives a subtle extra layer of dewiness. You won’t end up looking like a disco ball but just enhance your existing highlight. Since I have dry skin, my makeup tends to last quite long, so I can’t really say much about it’s lasting power.

It’s a product I highly recommend, something I’ll probably always have in my collection. CoverFX is a great brand, and I want to keep trying their products, so you’ll probably hear more from them in the future.

CoverFX, Illuminating Setting Spray, $31.