Brush cleaning mats are getting more and more popular. Sigma has released their first one a couple years ago but it was quite expensive in my opinion, so when I saw an alternative version by E.L.F, I finally got one.

I like that it’s compact, it fits like a glove so it stays in place, on your hand while you wash your brushes. I used to use a solid soap bar to wash my brushes but since I got this tool, I tried with shampoo too. I put a little bit on the glove, wet the brush, rub it on the textured parts (small dots for eye brushes and big dots for face brushes), rinse under water and repeat.

I do think it’s faster to clean all my brushes. It also definitely helps with the ones that have foundation or concealer on them, especially if it’s been a couple of days and the product had time to sink in deep on the bristles.

I really like this cleaning glove, it’s compact so it doesn’t take a lot of room in a drawer, it’s easy to clean, makes it easy to clean your brushes and is super affordable.

Have you tried it? Or another similar type of product? What are your thoughts?

e.l.f. Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove, $10