I received this face mask in my last Petit Vour box. It came in just in time before a trip, so of course I took it with me. I love keeping samples like this when I know I’m going to travel.

When I first saw it I was excited because it’s a nourishing mask. I have dry skin, so hydrating products are a must for me. When I travel by plane, my skin hates me, so I was even more excited to get it before flying.

They say it moisturizes, soothes, strengthens, plumps, softens and is age-delaying. All of that sounds perfect for me. It’s super easy to use, you just put it on and forget about it, this mask doesn’t need to be rinsed. I’ve used masks like that in the past and somehow never was a huge fan of them. Unfortunately this one was no different.

It feels nice on the skin when you apply it, it’s not too thick, not sticky at all, but when I woke up the next morning (I used it overnight) I didn’t notice a huge difference. What I mean is that I was never impressed with how my skin felt the next day, it wasn’t better than with my regular night cream or oil.

I really wanted to like this product because it sounded perfect for me, but unfortunately it’s not a product I’ll purchase. I’m still glad I tried it as a sample, part of my Petit Vour box, it’s a great way to try something without spending a big amount of money, especially if you’re disappointed in the product.

Have you tried this mask? Did you like it? Did it work for you?

Juara, Java Plum & Avocado Nourishing Mask, $38