Body scrubs are not something I constantly have around. I love using them, but if I don’t for a while, I’m okay with it. As the weather was getting warmer, and more skin was exposed, I wanted to be sure it would look nice and moisturized.

I picked the Kani Botanicals Citrus Bloom because citrusy scents are something I really appreciate, especially in the summer. I like that it’s made with sugar, which is fine and not too harsh on the skin. This scrub also has coconut and apricot oil along with shea butter so it leaves the skin soft and hydrated.

Once I rinse it, I can still feel a “layer” of oil on my skin, but it’s not sticky or greasy at all. It really just leaves my skin all soft. I can get dressed right away, and can totally skip moisturizer.

I like using that scrub, is gentle, gives my skin the perfect level of hydration. I use it once or twice a week, like a treat. It’s a scrub I would repurchase, I might try some others too, of course, but I’ll always keep this one in mind.

Kani Botanicals, Citrus Bloom Body Polish, $24