I love a good toner, and although I had used two I really liked in the past, I always like to try new products. After hearing good reviews on this Kani Botanicals Rose Tone face mist, I decided to give it a try.

One thing that seemed up my alley was the fact that it’s described as hydrating which I always look for in a product since my skin is dry. It’s also soothing, I don’t have sensitive skin but if it’s soothing it means it’s gentle, which sounds better for anyone.

I absolutely love this toner! I love it so much I’m already running low on it, because I tend to apply it twice per routine. The first time, I spray it on my face then use a cotton round to make sure there’s no makeup residue left, then a second time, and leave it on, just because it feels great.

It’s a product I’ll most likely repurchase over and over again, because it fits my needs, doesn’t dry my skin out, feels incredible when sprayed on and also smells very nice. (but not over powering). I highly recommend this toner if you’re in need of a new one, and if you’ve tried it, I’d be curious to know your thoughts : leave a comment!

Kani Botanicals, Rose Tone – Hydrating & Soothing Face Mist, $21