I received these makeup remover wipes by Niu Body in my latest Petit Vour box, and they were the first product I really tried.

In the little package we received, we had 2 wipes, and I first thought that would mean I could only get one use off of them. I wear a full face of makeup almost everyday, and sometimes I need a couple cotton rounds to get everything off. I was surprised I only needed one per day.

They felt quite dry when I took them out of the sachet, but they had just the right amount of product on them. They’re also bigger than regular cotton rounds so it made it easier and faster to take it all off. I didn’t have to rub hard to remove it all which is always better, you want to try and avoid pulling on your skin too much.

I think they did a great job at removing my makeup, of course I washed my face afterwards, and I didn’t notice any difference (I mean no negative difference) from my usual routine.

I really enjoyed using these wipes, but it’s not something I’ll purchase, at least not on a regular basis, as I try to reduce the amount of waste I create. But if I knew I was traveling, that could be a great option for makeup remover!

Niu Body, Makeup Remover Wipes for Normal Skin, $15