When searching for a new cleanser, I want two things : Hydration & Anti-Aging. These are two of the reasons why I picked this Pacifica Berry Clean face wash. I also chose it because it’s from a brand I know, trust and love, and because the idea of a berry scented face wash sounded amazing to me.

The first thing I noticed when I used it, was the texture, it’s nothing like what I’ve ever used. It’s neither a liquid nor a paste, it’s a jelly (yes, like the food!) and I actually really like it. I first thought it might be a bit tricky to use, as I thought it might not apply evenly on my skin, but I was wrong. It’s very easy to use, and it’s enjoyable too. You use it like a regular cleanser, on damp skin, using circular motions, then you rinse.

I had heard people say that Pacifica’s newest berry range had a strong smell, and although I love berries a lot, I don’t like when my skincare smells too strong. But this cleanser smells more when it’s in the tube than when it’s on your face. I like the scent, and don’t really notice it while it’s on my skin.

It’s a very gentle cleanser, which is great for my dry skin, but I can still see before I rinse it that it has my leftovers makeup on it, so it does clean my skin well. Also, if I use my toner on a cotton round there’s barely anything on the cotton afterwards.

I absolutely love this cleanser, it has to be one of my favorite from Pacifica, but also in general. It’s a very good, and affordable option, but it’s exclusive to Ulta. I’m running low on it, and will probably repurchase it soon.

Pacifica, Berry Clean Super Fruit Face Wash, $10.