Who doesn’t like dry shampoo? Who never thought they could skip a hair wash day and later regretted it?

As much as I like dry shampoo, when you have dark hair like me, they sometimes leave a white cast on, which isn’t pretty and kind of defeats the purpose of it. I mean choosing between greasy hair or hair with a grey hue…I don’t know which is best.

I was pretty excited when I saw Pacifica came out with one, as my favorite hair conditioner is from them. It’s called Invisible Powers which is very promising, again, if you’re going to cheat pretending your hair is clean, you want it to be discreet.

I was happy to see it’s a pump system, not a spray, because spray cans are terrible for the environment and I avoid them at all cost. But as soon as I started using it I kind of changed my mind. The system could be great if only it dispensed a lot more product. If I only use the pump, it would probably take me almost as long to use it as to actually wash my hair (I do have a lot of thick hair). So what I usually do, is open the bottle, put some of the powder in my hand and rub it onto my scalp. It’s a lot faster and works like a charm.

What is great about this product is that the powder isn’t white! If you’ve watched some of my Youtube videos, I described it as a very fine shimmery sand. It has a golden color which easily disappears in your hair. Another great thing about this powder is its smell, it’s summery and incredible, but still not overpowering.

I absolutely love this dry shampoo, it might even be my favorite, the best one I’ve ever used. The fact that a cruelty-free, 100% vegan brand makes it is even better.

Pacifica, Invisible Powers Dry Shampoo, $14.