I’ve been using sponges to apply my foundation for the longest time. Beauty Blenders are still my favorite, but I found a more affordable alternative that is almost as good.

EcoTools has a set of two sponges, the darkest being bigger than the light one. These sponges are different from Beauty Blenders because they have 2 flat edges instead of a round tip. I learned to like those flat edges, I was worried it would be harder to get in small areas like under the eyes but it’s not. You can use the side, between the flat sides and blend cream products or set with powder easily.┬áThe way I like to use these sponges is using the round part to apply and blend my foundation, then use the flat end to set it with powder.

I noticed that the sponges are a lot firmer when you first use them. After a couple washes, they get a lot softer and to be honest, I like them more after that. I think they’re good sponges, if you want something cheaper than other brands, without giving up on quality.

EcoTools, Perfectiong Blender Duo, $9.99