Before I even start this article I want to clarify something about Hourglass. I bought this product before it was announced that Unilever plans on acquiring the brand. Although Hourglass will hopefully remain cruelty-free, I usually don’t support companies that have a parent company that tests. That being said, Hourglass is still an independent company, so I purchased other items. For further information, check out Logical Harmony.

I wanted to try a new bronzer, and as I really liked Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting palette, I decided to try theirs. I like that it’s not completely matte, but not shimmery either, it just gives a nice glow to your skin. The colour is very nice too, at least for my complexion, it’s warm but not orange. I also like that the color is buildable, you can get a subtle result or be more dramatic, adding more.

I really like this bronzer, the color is gorgeous and the formula perfect. I would highly recommend this one to anyone who can splurge on a luxury item. It is pricey but will last you a long time.

Hourglass, Ambient Lighting Bronzer, $50