I love face masks, they’re always a nice treat, a quick and easy way to take care of yourself, to give your skin that little extra. I wanted to get a new mask/scrub, because I like the feeling of a deeper clean a couple ties a week.

Kani Botanicals’ Petal Polish mask isn’t just a scrub. After all, it’s called a mask. It’s made to hydrate your skin, make it glowy, and gorgeous. It contains different types of oil and shea butter, so it really helps with hydration, I can usually skip moisturizer after using it. The first ingredient is sugar, it helps improving the appearance of the skin, and no it doesn’t feel too rough on the skin.

I love that the way you’re supposed to use it is different. You have to apply it to your skin, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, then massage it (that’s the scrub-y part) and finally rinse. I typically use it at night after taking my makeup off and washing my face.

It’s a very gentle product, I refer to it as a scrub, because I do feel that it helps my skin a lot, but it is technically a mask. I have dry skin, and it leaves my skin feeling amazing and so soft, I love the feeling.

Kani Botanicals, Petal Polish Rose Face Mask, $28.