I’ve always been quite picky with the deodorants I used. I never liked sprays, which is a good thing because aerosols are not good for the environment and might not be good for your health either. I don’t like roll ons because they’re too wet, and I’ve tried pastes but didn’t love having to put my fingers in the product, and then rub bit in my armpits. So basically, I stick to sticks!

One day I saw this Lavanila Sport Luxe deodorant while waiting in line at the register at Sephora. Since I knew the brand was cruelty-free and this one was vegan, I gave it a chance. I had heard good things about it, and now I know why. First of all I love the scent, it smells clean and fresh, so it’s a subtle scent but that’s very enjoyable especially when you know it’s a hot day out.

The stick is pretty awesome too. It glides on the skin very easily, and you don’t feel it at all once it’s on. But does it work well? I’ve tried it on regular days, on very hot days, and on days around my period when I know my body odor can be a bit stronger. Every time I’ve used it, I was happy and impressed. I was sweating (which I don’t mind, I personally think it’s not natural to block sweating) but not stinky!

I was really impressed by this deodorant, I really like using it. Since I bought a mini version, I like carrying it in my purse in case I need to refresh during the day. I know it’s expensive but I really like it, and it lasts a long time, even the mini.

Do you have a favorite deodorant? Have you tried this one?

Lavanila, Sport Luxe Deodorant, $9/$16