I’ve been on the hunt for my new holy grail mascara for months now. I first started looking for recommendation here and there and finally decided to give the Root Pretty mascara a try.

I was pretty surprised when I received it, as it’s smaller than classic tubes. It could make sense though, a mascara expires very fast, and this one is natural, which means it doesn’t have any disgusting preservatives in it. It could also be convenient if you travel, it want to throw it in your purse.

I really like how it smells, kind of fruity, it reminds me of grenadine, which I really love! That being said it’s not overwhelming at all, it’s really just because it’s made with plants.

I like this mascara, it defines the lashes, you can start with a natural result and build it up a bit for something slightly more dramatic. It is a bit wet, so be mindful after you just applied it as it might transfer, but it’s not so wet that it constantly happens.

If I touch my lashes they don’t feel hard and weird. My lashes never look clumpy, and it’s super easy to take off. I really like this mascara, it’s by far the best one I’ve used since starting my hunt. Could I find better? I might! I’ll keep trying other mascaras and will keep you posted.

Root Pretty, 100% Lash Natural & Organic mascara, $14